Bee Clean Organic Hand Sanitizer, Soothing Lavender


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OHG bottom line: The mist is light and absorbent and the fragrance is pleasant and not over-powering. The packaging is simply great, they fit in a pocket or purse quite easily. I’d call this a “game-changer”. WG

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Bee Clean Organic Hand Sanitizer, Soothing Lavender

This beeswax formula softens and moisturizes, preventing dry and cracked skin with a protective coating, while killing 99.99% of germs.  It is 100% organic, using essential oils for the scent and organic ethyl alcohol for the sanitizing.  It comes out as a mist so is gentle on your skin.  The unique shape easily fits in a clutch, suit jacket, side pocket or car middle console.  Made with beeswax, vitamin E, avocado oil and apricot seed oil, this formula makes your hands feel soft with no sticky residue.

Approximately 200 sprays per unit.

Also available in citrus & peppermint scent.

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Weight 1.25 oz
Dimensions 3.375 × 2.25 × .5 in