Radius USDA Organic Floss, 33 yds, Green Tea Jasmine, choose single or 3-pack


Get an earth-friendly organic clean with this new line of plastic-free USDA Certified Organic Flosses.

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Radius USDA Organic Silk Floss  RADIUS is a very environmentally conscious company that is constantly striving to provide better products that have a positive effect on the environment.  Therefore, the packaging contains 100% sustainable paperboard which is biodegradable.  In addition, they use botanical-based inks and water-based coatings as well as luxurious silk and vegan-friendly nylon.

The Natural Silk Floss® and USDA Organic Silk Green Tea Jasmine are spun on small machines in CORSEDA fair trade co-op, in the mountains of Colombia, which supports more than 80 families.  They’re also free from PFAS, glutens, preservatives, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, colorings and fluoride, for your peace of mind.

Radius USDA Organic Silk Floss – Green Tea Jasmine, 33 yds  

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil*, Carnauba Wax*, Oriental Jasmine Green Tea*, Erythritol  *Certified Organic

Also available in Natural, Unscented formula

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Additional information

Weight 1.125 oz
Dimensions 6.875 × 4.25 × 1.25 in

3-Pack, Single