Quantum Health TheraZinc® Organic Lozenges, Elderberry Raspberry


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OHG bottom line: Nice raspberry flavor, no lingering aftertaste. Avoid taking on an empty stomach.  WG

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Quantum Health TheraZinc® Organic Lozenges, 18 per pouch

These lozenges are a refreshing and soothing way to meet your immune challenges.  Featuring zinc gluconate, the chelated form that has been used in multiple immune health studies, this lozenge delivers zinc ions into your mouth and throat for fast and effective immune support.

Made with USDA Organic ingredients, this lozenge is uniquely designed to eliminate the zinc coating taste found in most traditional zinc lozenges. 

Completely dissolve one lozenge in your mouth and swallow, do not chew.  Adults can use every 2-4 hours, not to exceed 12 in a day.

Elderberry Raspberry Ingredients: Zinc Gluconate, Organic Elderberry, Organic cane syrup, organic brown rice syrup, natural raspberry and other natural flavors, organic hone

Always exercise caution and consult your doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy.

Also available in Echinacea Blood Orange flavor.

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