Quantum Health Organic Cough Relief Lozenges, Meyer Lemon & Honey


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Experience throat soothing and cough quieting comfort with this USDA Organic drop product made from the highest quality ingredients.

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Quantum Health Organic Cough Relief Lozenges, Meyer Lemon & Honey, 18 per pouch

Menthol is an organic resource that’s made of peppermint, eucalyptus, and mint oils. It aids in calming irritated throats by cooling the airway. Each natural cough lozenges has 5 mg of organic menthol, the active ingredient.
Slippery elm powder provides throat-soothing properties.  It’s derived from the red inner bark of a tree.  Often used to treat common ailments like fevers and sore throats, when combined with water, slippery elm powder forms a sticky material (mucilage) used for therapeutic purposes.
Turmeric, an ancient root, is part of the flowering plant Curcuma, a member of the ginger family. The root is where the benefits are derived. Turmeric is popular for its active component, curcumin, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant.

Meyer Lemon with Honey Ingredients: Menthol, natural Meyer lemon flavor, organic brown rice syrup, organic cane syrup, organic honey, organic slippery elm powder, and organic turmeric.

Always exercise caution and consult your doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy.

Also available in Bing Cherry flavor.

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Bing Cherry, Meyer Lemon