Post-Surgery Care Bundle: TePe toothbrushes and floss


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Special Care is required when cleaning your teeth and mouth following oral surgery.  These products will ensure proper cleaning while healing.


TePe Special Care Toothbrush, Ultra-soft Filaments

The TePe Special Care™ Compact toothbrush has 12,000 ultra-soft filaments.  Because of this, it is a good choice for people with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surfaces, an extremely dry mouth, following oral surgery, and after radiotherapy.  Run under hot water to change the head angle.

TePe Nova Toothbrush, Extra Soft

The TePe Nova toothbrush is designed with an easy-reach tip for access in hard-to-reach areas, especially around the back teeth. The Nova toothbrush has an ergonomic non-slip handle with thumb pad. The toothbrush neck can be angled without heating.  Color may vary.

TePe Angled Interdental Brushes, 6 of Mixed Sizes

Designed to clean the gaps between your teeth where a regular toothbrush may not reach. TePe Angle™ has a long handle and an angled head to easier reach between your back teeth.  TePe Angle Interdental Brushes come in 6 different color coded sizes to fit narrow as well as wide gaps.  Used daily, they can remove up to 40% more plaque than brushing alone.

TePe Bridge and Implant Floss, 30 strands

This wide and spongy floss with stiff plastic ends is ideal for daily cleaning of implants, bridges and braces.  It is also suitable for periodontal care.  Stiff plastic ends makes the floss easy to grip and insert.  Daily use will help to keep your gums healthy and clean.

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